Quick update

Hey everyone!

I really needed to update this the other day, but I’ve been a little busy.

I went back to the doctor after we found the levels were bad for the babies fluid. I was so upset thinking about the horrible possibilities,  and I just didn’t feel right the next day. They got me in and did an ultrasound. The levels have improved. A was at 1.8 and went to a 3. B was at 7.2 and went to a 6. Those are more within the normal range and very good news. The horrible feelings in my stomach are most likely due to Braxton hicks contractions. My uterus isn’t quite coordinated enough to completely contract, so it will “ball up” towards the top of my belly. So now that I know that is a possibility, I don’t have to worry as much. The doctor wasn’t too concerned anymore and actually pretty shocked we leveled out. They are ok with me not coming back until my 20 week, level two ultrasound and pediatric cardio scan on Thursday.

A million things I could tell you about life in general, but my legs are getting numb and I need to wipe. Happy Saturday everyone.

Lots of love from the Doerings

we appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers. They are obviously working.

Damn Placenta

Yesterday I went to Abbott to get my injection. I brought the kids with, since it was going to be a quick, in and out. The entire staff seemed different from what I was used to. Everyone was still very nice and accommodating. I had quick mentioned to the nurse that was giving my injection, that I thought the upper part of my stomach was protruding more than normal. This was something they told me to watch out for after my last ultrasound. I was never told why to watch for it, and honestly thought it was in my head, just because they told me to look for it. Since the staff was a bit different, they weren’t aware of my “condition” and the doctor that was there, was not a specialist for mono di twins (twins that have separate gestational sacs and share one placenta). The nurse wasn’t really sure what to think of what I told her so she went and asked. The ultrasound tech I had last week came in and said we needed to take a quick look at fluid levels. The girls sat pretty patiently until the tech turned down the lights. They didn’t like it dark. They also didn’t understand what the tech was doing to mommy’s belly. I explained what was happening and pointed out the babies on the big screen. They hated it. It was black and white and didn’t look like babies to them. I spent more time worrying about Clair and Reese than what was on the screen. I noticed her measuring the fluid though. To me it seemed like one had a lot more, but I’m no expert. The nurse left pretty quick. She said she needed to get the results to the doctor and she would be back. She came back with the nurse. They put me in a different room to wait. I had no idea what I was waiting for. The girls were still antsy at this point, so I was concentrating on keeping them calm. The nurse came back in to let me know they were getting orders to have me scheduled for next Monday for another scan. There was a difference in the fluid. It wasn’t concerning enough to keep me there, but concerning enough that they couldn’t wait until my next appointment on October 6.

My mind was going a million miles a minute. What did all this mean? How big of a difference were the fluid levels? Why can’t Clair just relax for a minute? Dammit, now the girls bumped heads and they are screaming. The nurse came back in with animal crackers for the girls to share. That kept them really quiet. We sat and waited for the doctor, who was obviously busy. The entire clinic was very busy that day. The doctor relayed a message that the specialist will be in tomorrow and will take a look at the scan. If they feel I needed to come in sooner, then they would want me in probably Thursday or Friday. I got emotional. I started to cry. I wanted to keep myself together, but since the girls were finally calm, now I couldn’t be.

The littles finished up their animal crackers and Clair wanted more. She screamed and cried. I had to drag her down the hallway to go make my Monday appointment. She kicked and yelled. It was past lunch time and they definitely needed a nap. Before we left the parking the garage the Care Coordinator called me to check on me. The nurse had called her right away to let her know I might need some comforting. I’m very lucky I am working with an excellent team. The Care Coordinator informed me about what was going on and what the possibilities are.

Here’s a little recap of why I have been getting all these ultrasounds in the first place.

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) occurs in 15-20% of mono di pregnancies. (2 sacs, one placenta). Since the babies are sharing one placenta, they are sharing blood, fluid and nutrients. Their lifeline is shared like their first car will be. Sometimes the blood vessels in the placenta favor one baby over the other. One baby becomes a donor and the other a recipient. The donor ends up getting less of all the things mentioned above. The recipient gets too much. This isn’t good for either baby. It’s preferred to have equal of everything. You learn that quickly with twins. At my 16 week ultrasound, baby A had a little less fluid than baby b. This is why I went every week rather than every two weeks for ultrasounds. They wanted to watch closely to make sure there was no changes. It was staying steady where A had a bit less, but nothing changed. We figured A would just be that way the entire pregnancy, and that was fine. I didn’t make it a full week. I was really glad I said something when I did. Now B seems to have even more fluid. I don’t know how much. I am waiting for a call from the specialist right now.

What happens if this becomes an issue? The care coordinator talked to me about options if this poses a problem. I had spoken a few weeks back about a laser treatment they can do. If I had to have it done, the specialist would go in with a tiny needle through my abdomen and use a high tech laser to zap specific blood vessels. This is so it would stop the recipient twin from getting an over abundance of everything, and giving the donor twin a chance to catch up. Sharing is caring. If this would be successful, I would hopefully be able to carry the twins until the 36 weeks, as long as no other problems came up. If it’s unsuccessful, they could take the twins as early as 23 weeks. At 23 weeks they are viable, meaning they can live with assistance outside the womb. At that age of gestation, their quality of life might not be so great. Clair and Reese came at 28 weeks and they were still in the NICU for 55 days. Every week, every day, every hour those babies stay in there longer is better for their quality of life. When it comes to TTTS, sometimes taking them early is the only option for their survival.

Usually I’ve been pretty laid back of most of the situations that have come up. I keep thinking positive and yada yada. Yesterday was different. It might be hormones, but I’m really scared this time. I’ve been through the agonizing unknowns with Clair and Reese and it wasn’t pleasant. Will these two survive? Is there anything actually wrong with them? How bad is the fluid difference? Why can’t I have my babies monitored 24/7 at home and not have to deal with all this fuss. I finally started to feel good. I was getting energy. Yesterday and now today, I’ve been a pile of shit. I was told that the specialist would call me today. I didn’t have patience for that, so I called them. I left a message with a nurse with my concerns. That was about an hour ago. I honestly feel like my belly got bigger on top again last night. Could be in my head, but it turned out to be true last time. My arms and hands have been hurting and falling asleep nightly and now through out the day. I have pitting edema in my lower legs. My feet are not swollen, but I can stick my finger 3/4 of an inch into my shin and it stays that way. I happened to look up symptoms last night to because I was told mothers can usually tell there’s something wrong. It happens to be that my signs and symptoms are identical to what a mom should look for when concerned about TTTS. Of course I left that information with the nurse to relay to the doctor. It’s always easier to tell the nurse something than a doctor. I’m way too emotional.

We are really hoping that nothing bad is happening with the babies. We are so scared that they could have TTTS, and we honestly don’t know right now. I know there is nothing different I can do to prevent TTTS from happening. It’s not genetic, it’s not what we do with our bodies. I have been eating protein like a cannibal. I have been resting like I should. Genetics doesn’t even have a role in the outcome. It’s the damn placenta.

Good Laughs

I feel the babies move quite often, but it isn’t too dramatic usually. When they start moving, it doesn’t usually last too long either. They mostly move around when they hear me talk about any type of food, or if they like the type of food I’m eating. I was just sitting on the couch and felt baby B squiring around. I layed back to give that little squirt some room. It wiggled and rolled and even made my belly jiggle. I was a little startled to see my stomach move. It just hadn’t done that yet. Of course, I tried to record it and the baby stopped moving. As soon as B was done moving around, A started up. It made me smile pretty good. As much as you always remember you’re pregnant, you tend to forget there is actually human life growing inside you. It’s such a discusting miracle. I see the little turds on ultrasound all the time, but that’s like watching a movie. Feeling them really move, and it not be mistaken with sour kraut gas makes it so much more real.

We have had a really nice weekend. Thursday night we had a great date night. We went to dinner. It was pretty gross. Then we went to the Legion. It was so relaxing. We had some really good laughs. Chadley was in a great mood, and he agreed he needed the night out as much as I did. I got the kids back the next day. I met the in-laws and the girls at McDonald’s. I was a little disappointed though when I picked them up. The girls always make cookies with grandpa Chad. They forgot the cookies. How dare they forget the cookies!!! Luckily I got them the next morning. They didn’t even have any egg shells in them.

Friday night my sister Brenda came home with her kids. We were going to go to the camper for the night, but the rain stopped us. I got my steak fix at my moms. We played some games. It didn’t last too long though. Between my kids and Brenda’s, we were constantly getting up to stop some sort of havoc. Kids kind of ruin the fun.

Saturday we had the Sportsman’s picnic in the afternoon. Another day of great laughs. I drank some Tahitian Treat while everyone else had beer. The men served an awesome meal. We spent the rest of the evening watching crap like Joe Dirt and Corky Romano. More good laughs.

Today the girls and I went to church. We haven’t been to church for ever. I think the last time we went was Christmas. Before that, I couldn’t tell you. We always had good intentions of going, but the girls suck at sitting still. Frankly, we don’t want to deal with it. Our kids aren’t bad kids, but they can be horrible. Sometimes, it’s just not worth stressing about. Today they did pretty well. They didn’t too much understand what was happening. They always wanted to sing their own songs, and read the “books” in front of us. It was only a matter of time before a bible got slammed on the floor, or the hymn book pages got ripped to shreds. No one screamed, no one cried. I didn’t panic. Everyone at worship was so inviting and grateful we were there. It’s a good feeling to be welcomed.

I don’t know what we will do with the rest of our day. Daddy is working hard on other things in the shop, and probably getting ready for field work. I made a giant pot of chili that is simmering in the crock pot. I want to do something exciting. The girls are just content with being at home though. They are playing and using their imaginations. They play mommy and baby. Most annoying game ever. One tries to carry the other one around and one pretends to cry constantly. It’s like they know what we are in for.

I don’t have an appointment scheduled for this week. I will let you all know what happens with getting my injection. If I have to drive all the way to the cities to have someone stick something in my butt, I’m at least going to get dinner.

I got Bills

I got a little lazy with updates this week. I had my appointment Tuesday, and thought, ya’ll can wait to hear anything until Wednesday. Well, now it’s getting to the end of Thursday and I am just sitting down to blog. I was sitting before actually. I was on the couch. I had to move from the couch to the dining room to get my computer. Now I’m sitting at a table. You almost had to wait another day though. I opened my computer and it was doing updates itself. I thought for a second to say screw it, but the kids are napping, so it’s my only chance really.

Yesterday the girls and I ran errands all day. It was a pretty busy day, so I needed rest today. My body feels it, and it gets pretty mad. Awesome enough, Chadley’s mom asked to take the girls overnight tonight. They have been exceptionally good lately, so it’s going to be one of those nights I might miss them a little. Any other time, I can’t wait to push them out the door for a break. I’ll be honest. I have it pretty easy as a stay at home mom. I make my own schedule. The typical cooking, cleaning and laundry that every person in the world has to do, I get them done faster by staying at home. That’s a lie. Chadley usually comes home and asks why lunch is still on the table (frozen pizza) and why I chose not to pay bills again. Those are legitimate questions. I took on those responsibilities when I told him to go make some money for us. Yesteday, the bills got paid. The laundry got done. I half assed cleaned the house. It doesn’t look like it today anymore, but I know I tried. My hardest part about today was finding something to watch instead of cartoons. My hardest part about yesterday was calling Century Link to get our cable and internet bill lowered. I hate talking to customer service with that company. It’s amazing the price difference you get with each person. I got a new price from one guy and I didn’t like it. I tried again and got another guy, totally different price. That’s why I hate paying bills. You spend more time on the phone arguing with people. I argue with toddlers all day, why would I want to argue with adults too.

So anyway. Tuesday’s appointment. I had my weekly ultrasound. It was so fun to watch the little ones move around, and actually feel those movements. I have felt them for a long time already, but every week they get so much stronger. I had a new ultrasound tech. She was just as nice as the last one. She asked if I knew the sexes yet, and she confirmed the last techs findings. The doctor that I usually see was there again. He informed me that the babies fluid levels are stable. A still has a bit less, but there are no significant changes. Baby A might just stay that way the entire time, and that’s just fine. The doctor said he was comfortable with me only get ultrasounds every two weeks now. The unfortunate part is, I might still be driving to Abbott every week for my injections. We thought I would just be able to order them through a local clinic, but that’s not the case. If I were to get them somewhere local, I’d have to purchase and bring in my own vial. Insurance doesn’t like to cover the medication the way it is, so they wouldn’t cover anywhere except my primary care, which is Abbott. The cost of the injection, plus the doctor visit every week would be insanely high, so it’s not worth doing it out of pocket if I don’t have to. The care coordinator is still looking into what can be done. There’s a possibility I can have home healthcare come out and give me the injection every other week too. I will know more next week on that.

All in all, I’ve been feeling pretty good. I know when  I need to sit down and take a break. Sometimes it’s hard to just quit. We have lives to live and goals to accomplish. Right now my biggest goal is figuring out what I’m going to have for supper. Melty fondue cheese over some apples. yum yum yum.


Mary Kay Doering

Slimy Cotton Balls

How is everyone’s Sunday going? It’s been a decent weekend for us. Friday was my friend Jessica’s birthday. We played bingo at the Elks club. After 9:30 I had turned into a potato, so my night was going to end soon.  We spent the night at the camper. Getting to sit by a campfire finally was awesome. It’s been either way too dang hot, or the mosquitos have been terrible.

Saturday Chadley had to cut hay all day. Such a bummer that he’s always working. I understand, if he doesn’t work, then we don’t have money to pay the bills. It doesn’t help that I think about how close harvest is. That’s always a hard time of the year for us. He works long late hours, and some times we don’t see him for days. Between starting the house, and harvest, we might get a little lonely and bored. I used to hate field work time. I felt so lonely. After so many years, you get used to not seeing him and it becomes a vacation. I would eat when I wanted, and go places when I wanted. The girls and I had done all sorts of fun things when daddy was working. It actually gave Chadley and I a chance to miss each other. It got to be exciting when we got some quality time in. This year, I am exhausted just thinking about it. There’s so much to get done before harvest, and not much time to do it.

Wow, that turned into a sad story. Moving on now. Since Chadley was cutting hay, the girls, his mom and I went on an adventure. We decided to check out some parade of homes tours. There’s always a chance there is something new out there, but luckily I already know what I want with the house. We spent most of our time driving to these houses. At one house the girls had to pee. Of course, you are not suppose to use the bathrooms at these places. They don’t usually have toilet paper either. A little tinkle wouldn’t hurt anyone if we are really quiet about it. The girls peed, and we moved on to the next house across the street. Oddly enough, Reese had to pee again at the next house. I figured she was just testing me, because she thought it was cool to break the rules. As she is squirming around and holding herself, I could tell she wasn’t kidding. We went upstairs to find a private bathroom. We waited for another couple to leave a room and then we ended up in the master bath. She was relieved to pee, but the next words that came out of her mouth were haunting. “Mom, I have to poop”. For the love of God child, now is not the time. There are families coming in and out of all of these rooms, and there is no toilet paper. There’s no stopping her now. When you have to poop, you have to poop. I know the feeling all too well. The smell was something awful. The new house smell was now gone. It was soiled with the smell of fear and rotting cow. I was hoping it was going to be a clean cut kinda poop. No such luck. As she scooted off the toilet seat, green, slime smeared the lid. I looked around again for TP and found none. I saw a beautifully folded white cloth on the sink. Where would we hide that? And then I see that glass decorative jar holding a few handfuls of cotton balls. Bingo! I made have had to use 3/4 of the jar, but we got those cheeks clean. It was a mad rush to get out of that house. Once someone hears that toilet flush, they are going to question you. We considered leaving it there, but that’s just wrong.

We finished off the day at the apple orchard. We missed lunch hour by 7 minutes. Saddest part of my day. I did buy a couple of pies though, and the girls got to pick their own apples. By the time we got home, ate supper, and were ready for a campfire, I couldn’t deal with the kids anymore. No naps makes for a really cranky evening. Luckily it gets dark earlier now, and I was able to put them to bed.

Today Chadley had to cut hay again in the morning. The girls and I got the camper picked up and took much needed showers. We went to the winery and let the girls play in the bouncy house for a while. We went for the corn maze, and then realized I shouldn’t walk that long anyway. After a late lunch, we drove around and got cranky. The kids were very tired, I was getting tired, and Chadley was getting bored.

Grandma Wendy, if you noticed some toys out of place at your house, that was Reese. We stopped in the say hi, and she started to play immediately.

The best part about my day wasn’t just the family time. It was much needed and I loved it, but something else happened. Something incredible. Ashley stopped over and dropped off those apple turnovers, just like she said she would. I stuffed one down before the kids could see it. So good. So very good. I’m sure somewhere in the recipe, it calls for butter, so it must have dairy, which has protein. I didn’t feel bad about eating it one bit, and I intend to have another one pretty dang soon.

The babies are craving everything apple. I drank 3/4 of a 1/2 gallon of cider. That gave me the craps, so I probably won’t be doing that again. I had some apple pie. I had some honey crisp apples. I also have a bunch of baking apples now, thanks to Todd and Michelle.  My next appointment is on Tuesday. I will have another TTTS check by ultrasound, and get another progesterone shot in my ass.  The last one didn’t hurt like they said it would. I think it’s because I have really strong butt cheeks.


Anyone have information on Child Labor Laws in Minnesota?


Doctors Orders

Good evening,

I’ve been receiving a lot of messages, phone calls, texts, and emails regarding updates on yesterdays appointment. Holy crap you guys, relax! I hadn’t even gotten out of my appointment and I had numerous messages. I appreciate everyone’s concern about the babies and I. It’s amazing how much love and support we have through all of this. With that said, I like to fill my husband in on any updates before anyone else. Please don’t be offended if I don’t want to share information with you right away. We need a little privacy and family communication, before the rest of the world knows what is going on. Again, we totally appreciate all the love, and we get how interesting our lives may be right now. If this offends you in any way, it’s a good sign, you are being a bit too nosey :). When we are ready to share things, we will share through this blog, in a time that works best for us. I could have updated earlier today, but I was busy taking a nap. Priorities.

So enough of me ranting about petty things. Lets get to the good stuff. So as you know, I had an appointment yesterday. I had another ultrasound for a TTTS check, and also met with an OB. Baby A was pretty cooperative, and Baby B was being an….let’s just say difficult to spare the name calling. B just kept moving around and wouldn’t let us get some readings. After the little one decided to pass out, we finally got readings of the brain, heart, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid,  and bladder and stomach. These readings help to tell us that everything is functioning properly or improperly. Both babies readings were looking great. Baby A is the one who had a lesser amount of amniotic fluid last time. There is still a bit less, but there was no change. We did get a good look at the membrane line that separates the babies. B is positioned so that A’s membrane is a little squished. So it looks like there is even less fluid for A than there really is. This is actually a good thing. Since there hasn’t been any change in fluid amounts, we are going to do another ultrasound next week and depending on results, will decide if I stay at weekly ultrasounds, or go back to every two weeks for now.

There was a lot of confusion with my regular OB. No one knew who it was, including me. I was suppose to have all my care transferred to Perinatal, and there was some communication issues. That’s all cleared up now, and I’m officially a patient with Perinatal, and not just an “interesting case”, or “special case”. I’m still very interesting and I like to think special as well, but at least they have my complete file to prove it now. We discussed my history of my last pregnancy, and possible outcomes with this one. Obviously, we have no idea on any outcomes at this point. We have been using the motto “Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best” since the beginning. We need to be realistic about what can happen. Even though, we don’t always want to talk about it, sometimes it’s easier to plan ahead. If we don’t need the plan, that is awesome. It’s like a fire drill or tornado drill. Prepare everyone incase we are in a bad situation, so shit doesn’t hit the fan.

Obviously we want to make it to the 36-37 weeks, but the likely hood of that is pretty low. Miracles happen every day though. We are going to do everything we can to try and prevent pre term labor, and any other complications that my show up. A couple doctors that were in the room with me discussed an option of an injection called 17P. It is a weekly dose of progesterone. It is used to help relax the uterine muscles to help prevent pre term labor. There have been a lot of studies done, and the trend is moving towards it being more successful than not. My biggest concern of course, was what effects could it have on the babies. According to the doctors, none. They start it between 16 and 17 weeks and continue it until 36 weeks. I am 17 weeks this week. After a lot of discussion, we all decided it was best. Especially if it won’t hurt anything, it’s worth being proactive. I asked a bunch of questions of do’s and dont’s. What kind of protein shakes or powders can I use, can I go to the chiropractor for my back, or get a massage. What kind of physical activity can I be doing and what to stay away from. I am told to bring in a label of any protein supplements, so they can look it over. I was given the go ahead for the chiropractor and massage. I am still not suppose to do much. I can go for short walks, but I need to listen to my body. If my back starts hurting, then I end up getting a lot of cramping. If I move around too much at all, I get a lot of cramping. I was advised to do some swimming. Just treading water will be helpful. I get some cardio, without that strain on my belly. Sex is a no. Sorry hun.

This morning I decided it was time to make a chiropractic appointment. I went to Gauer Chiropractic in Glencoe, where I’ve always gone. I trust Dr. Gauer and Dr. Johnson. Anytime I’ve ever had any issues, they have always fixed it. Being that I’m pregnant and had some bleeding, I need to be cautious about everything. Getting adjustments while pregnant is so beneficial, every pregnant person should do it. My lower back has been in so much pain, my upper back has caused my hands to fall asleep throughout the day, and be very painful at night. My neck was so tense, I would have constant headaches. When I left Gauer today, that was all gone. It felt so good to be able to stand up and walk without pain. My muscles really need some work yet to keep everything where it should be, so I will be making a massage appointment soon. I’m going to continue going to Gauer to keep my quality of life. This is going to help me get through this pregnancy, labor and recovery much easier.

If anyone has any idea how to get rid of the waddle and acne, that would be great.

Mary Kay Doering




I spent the majority of my day yesterday resting. It is what I am suppose to be doing, so it’s nice to actually accomplish something on a “to do” list. I went to my parents to pick up the kids around 9:30 am. They kept them over night, so the husband and I could go out for dinner. We decided to go to Red Lobster for the all you can eat shrimp deal. The line was out into the parking lot. I wasn’t about to wait for franchise food shrimp, so we went to Anton’s in St. Cloud. It was a really nice date night. We got to enjoy a delicious meal , shared our feelings, laughed until we cried. Those are lies actually. The appetizer, soup and salad was great. The meal was sadly disappointing. We did have good conversation, but no one cried. Not even me. Well, I cried a little bit. It’s what I do. It could have passed as a watery eyed yawn.

When I got the girls, they didn’t want me there. They actually told me to go away. I knew it was going be a bear to get them to leave grandma’s, so I just stayed. I stayed all the way through supper time. They got a nap in, I got a nap in. Grandma cooked all day.

Today has been a pretty good rest day too. It gets a little boring, but I’m doing what I’m told to do by my doctors. I can’t wait to ask if I can go to a chiropractor, or have sex again. I’m probably not going to do it, but I promised Chadley I’d ask. I have another ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully nothing has changed since last week, other than both babies getting bigger.

The girls are napping like little angels right now. I got to eat a half a quart of jalapeño sour kraut, without having to share. I feel like my taste buds are wussing out on me. I used to eat a lot hotter stuff with no problem, but this stuff made me sweat. People are so caring. They hear I love pickles and kraut, and they are bringing me jars. That’s real friendship! My appetite is ridiculous today. I can’t find enough food to eat. It’s not even the quantity, it’s the quality. Like today I asked a friend about some baked goods I heard she was making. Now I’d probably kill for an apple turnover or some sort of fall type pie. I need protein the most, but it’s really hard to eat that. I don’t really want pork or chicken. Hamburger is ok, as long as it’s not a burger. It has to be in something with carbs. Steak, well, that’s not a problem. Fish isn’t good unless it’s seafood. Otherwise, I’ve been eating a lot of frozen pizzas. I only used to eat those at the bar, after a long night of drinking. Now I crave them. I have to stop talking about food before I eat my keyboard.


It’s really amazing how much I feel the babies kicking. The little flutters that were far and few in between, have turned into a rolling feeling. Sometimes, I just have to poop, but most of the time, they are really moving in there. I’m excited for Chadley to be able to feel the kicks. He only got to feel the girls move once. We are getting closer to that. The girls will probably think it’s pretty cool too. Or it will scare the shit out of them. Yesterday, Reese said “Mommy, your belly is getting really big, we should take the babies out now”. It’s one of those comments that they make to mess with you. Like when they want your food, but won’t actually tell you. They just say “I really love cheesy potatoes” then you feel obligated to give them some. But deep down, you’re thinking, get your own cheesy potatoes, these are mine, and I hate sharing everything with you. I wonder if there are any left over cheesy potatoes from last nights supper. I bet Chadley took them to work. I’m going to go find out.



Mandatory Monday

I know I know,

Everyone is upset I haven’t updated the blog in about a week. I left you all wondering what the gender of the babies are. Well……Keep wondering 🙂 We have been telling a few people here and there. We are having too much fun telling people in person, we are going to wait a while before we do a public announcement. I assure you, you’ll live not knowing for a little while longer. People have been hounding me about it, and it makes me laugh. We truly do want to tell all of you soon. We really just want to see some more family in person to let them know if they should be preparing for pink or blue. If I’d have another baby shower, we would either serve tacos, or hot dogs. Get it? haha.

My friend Brittany told her mom I was having 50% boys or 50% girls. From what I understand, she took that as I was having one of each. I will give you all a hint. It’s two of one sex. They are identical, so they have to be the same sex. Brittany also told me that I should have a mandatory Monday post. I’ve been slacking lately. I don’t have anything to update at the time.

Well, that’s not true. If you really must know, I’ve been an emotional mess. I can’t control my emotions at all. If it was happy emotions all the time, where I felt like I was high as a kite, and floating on cloud 9, then there would be nothing to complain about. Of course that is not the case. I was watching Paw Patrol the other day and found myself crying. I have no idea why, but I was blubbering like a damn whale. I go to bed at night and think of something from the past. It could be when the girls were born, or when I found out I was pregnant. Sometimes a crazy dream will get my frustrated and I will wake up crying. Then I have to pee, and I’m even more sad because I have to waddle my dizzy ass down the stairs again.

I run in to so many people that tell me how great the blog is, and how funny it is. Who wants to hear about me crying over animated puppies? If you think that’s funny, you’re sick and twisted, and we should probably be friends in real life.

We found out that we won’t be able to start digging for the house until the last week in September. We are freaking out. That’s field work time. It gets cold that time of the year. My father in law was going to be digging the hole. What if he’s in the field? It can’t get done then. Anyone want to dig a hole for hugs? Some people have said to maybe wait until next year. Those people haven’t walked up and down the stairs in the house we live in. Is it possible to raise a family of 6 in a small little farm house? Of course it is. Do I want to? Absolutely not! We’ve been planning this build for a long time, and it’s going to be the house we raise our 3 plus 1 children in. If you ask my husband, I’m kind of one of those people who like to get what they want. If I hear “NO”, I’m just going to fight harder for it. Unfortunately, Clair has also caught on to that. I understand that some things just aren’t probable. For instance, having your dream home. After the first bid we got for our first design, we realized that no one can really afford their dream home. So you compromise on some things. Like the size of his shop gets smaller, and the size of your kitchen and master bath room get bigger. You definitely don’t want to compromise on the quality of the build, so you get the most expensive chandelier and appliances, and remove the back garage door for all his toys to easily be moved in and out. I’m kidding of course. We are using pretty cheap cosmetic materials. Laminate countertops instead of granite. Fake doors instead of solid wood. We are going to save a lot of money by framing for windows, but just side right over them. In about 20 years, we might put in windows. Definitely going to need lots of candles in the winter. Of course, this process is stressful. I’m trying to not let it bother me.

The babies are kicking and screaming in my belly. Their little kicks are getting stronger. I’ve only had one person be rude about my growing belly so far. She claims she forgot I was pregnant. She can kiss my ass.

Enjoy the rest of your dreary Monday everyone!

With all sorts of emotional love,

Mary Kay Doering


Poppin Farts

Good afternoon Everyone! I apologize for not updating sooner. Labor day weekend was a much needed break for all of us. Since you didn’t hear anything from me then, that’s good news. I know a lot of you remember that I had an ultrasound yesterday. I’m sure you’re all dying to know the update on that.

I will start out with saying, we know the genders!! Unfortunately for you, we won’t be sharing for a short time. We want our family to know first. I do have a little more news that I will update you with though. The babies were looking pretty good on ultrasound. They are getting big! I didn’t realize I had Baby B all the way up towards my ribs already. Baby A is pretty comfy laying across my lower belly. B is butt down and A is head down. They are both right around 6oz. Baby B was measuring at 17 weeks 1 day, and A was measuring 16 weeks 5 days. So A is a tiny bit smaller than B, which is normal. The only semi-concern is fluid levels for A. There is a small difference from Baby B. A has a little less fluid. It is not too low, and B’s is not too high. It is just different. In  the case of one placenta, we are going to take precautions, and be seen every week already. The doctor said he is not worried, but he doesn’t trust a placenta. I was really hoping to get through the end of October before I had to drive to Abbott weekly, but watching closely is very important. If anything else with growth or fluid is changing more between the two, then we have to consider some options. One major option would be, taming the placenta with a high tech laser.  Sounds pretty sweet when I put it that way. It’s invasive, but seems to have a pretty good success rate. They use a laser to zap out some of the blood vessels to the baby who keeps stealing all the blood from the other baby. As of right now, we aren’t going to talk anymore about it, because like I said, it’s not a concern at the moment.

The rest of the ultrasound was great. B wasn’t too fond of taking pictures, so it wouldn’t stop moving for the tech. A was pretty wiggly as well. I go back again next Wednesday. The hardest part of the weekly appointments is changing my work schedule and having a sitter for Clair and Reese so often. It will all work out though.


In other news, Reese licked the bathroom wall at Cashwise this afternoon. That was one of the grossest things I’ve witnessed. I told her not to do that and she said “But Mom, I was cleaning the wall because it was dirty”. PUKE. It was bad enough we stood in that stall for 20 minutes waiting for Clair to poop. The little old lady next to us was popin farts and the girls kept asking “Did you toot?”



Throwing stones

I have to tell you all. I feel like a new human today. Last night, shortly before  bed time,  I was making one of my usual trips to the bathroom. I sat down to pee, and I started, then suddenly it stopped. Hmmm, what on earth is happening? Then BAM!!! The flood gate opened and a rushing river of pee flowed into the porcelain. It was such a relieving pee. For once in weeks, I felt like I emptied my entire tank. Usually when I am done, I stand up and have the urge to go again. I bent down to look in the toilet, and what do I see? A jagged kidney stone staring at me. It didn’t even make it to the bottom. It sat in the curve of the bowl. I fished that wretched sucker out and examined it. It was about half the size of a pencil eraser. No wonder I have been so damn uncomfortable. How many trips to the ER, blood tests, urine tests, even an MRI. It apparently wasn’t visible. They can pick them up on a CT scan when they are the size of a grain of sand. Since there was never any blood in my urine, even microscopic, they said it can’t be a kidney stone. Well, last night I pissed that sucker out and it’s definitely a kidney stone. I only got up to pee once last night. I havn’t had the feeling of my vagina ready to fall out since.

Some of you may remember a kidney stone with my last pregnancy. I spent two nights in the hospital, and then had to go to Abbott to have it blown up, while I was pregnant. It was the size of a large pea. It was not coming out and was backing up my kidney. My kidney was inflamed and I was in a crazy amount of pain. I spent a month in “labor” with the girls, and that kidney stone pain was by far the worse pain I’ve experienced. We have a feeling that the inflammation from my kidneys may have caused some of the pre term labor last time. We were really hoping kidney stones wouldn’t be an issue this time around. I remember drinking mass amounts of milk when I was pregnant with the girls. I just craved it, and I never drink milk. It was a way of my body saying “you need extra calcium”. Well, I’ve been watching my intake this time around, even though I’m craving it like mad again. The doctors said to not cut back, but I may have to stop drinking so much chocolate milk with meals. Commonly, stones are made up of calcium. Apparently, my body wants a lot of it when I’m pregnant, but doesn’t use it properly. Give it to the babies, dumbass.


Mary Kay Doering


Reese- Cartoons

Me- Hug

Reese- Cartoons

Me- Hug

Reese- I want Cartoons!

Me-I want a hug!

This conversation happened immediately after she woke up from a nap. It went on for quite some time. She pulled out the whines and the cries, and stomping her feet.

Clair laid nicely on the couch snuggled in. The dog is running back and forth, freaking out about Chadley being outside. Jumping from one window to the next. Jumping on the couch, on top of the kids. Clair doesn’t seem to care. She has a “screw it” kind of attitude today. I’m with her. Reese is yelling at her blanket to behave. It’s apparently not doing what it’s suppose to.  Oh for gods sake, she just licked the blanket to punish it and is now freaking out more. She’s wiping the nastiness from her tongue. It’s ok though, she’s wrapped up in the blanket again to console herself. Wait, just throwing another fit.

I honestly lost all track of what I was going to blog about today. I’m going to need some serious medication by the time #3 and #4 get here. If anyone knows of a good Valium or Xanax provider, let me know.

Yesterday was amazing at least. I fed the kids breakfast and before lunch grandma Wendy picked them up. She brought them to the beach all day. It was great. I got off the couch and took a shower. Put a little blush on and headed my way to Walmart. I got every single thing on my list, in record time. I didn’t know what I was going to do with the rest of my day. I went to the farmers market. Spent a small fortune on homemade crap I will probably never eat. All I really wanted was tomatoes for BLT’s. I forgot the tomatoes. It’s ok, I didn’t have the kids so I turned around and went back. I got my tomatoes, and an extra large head of cabbage I don’t know what to do with. I got home and found the $9 jar of pickles I bought broke. I rinsed the glass off one and took a bite. I found that it was one the most amazing, crunchiest pickles I have ever eaten. I got really sad about it. Since I didn’t have the kids, I drove back to Hutch and got 2 more jars. One jar is gone already. That makes me sad again.

When my mother in law got back with the kids around 5:30 they were sleeping. They slept until 7 am. Best stay at home date night ever! Chadley made me a frozen pizza and added extra cheese. What a good man.

I know you’re all dying to know about the babies and my angry uterus. They are doing great! The babies wiggle and kick a lot more often already. I’m still getting up to pee 4-5 times a night. I have an appointment on Tuesday and should be able to find out genders that day. The likely hood of me letting the world know that day is pretty slim. Chadley isn’t able to come with, because he needs to work. I am fine with that. I found out I was having two again on my own, I can do this! I just get to cry a little harder when it’s not what I want. Kidding of course. We honestly don’t really care. Boys obviously would be great since we have two girls already. We actually can’t think of any boys names, and are pretty set on girls names already. No, we will not share the names. Everyone always has an opinion about a babies name before they are born. I don’t want to deal with that. If afterwards someone doesn’t like a babies name, I dare you to tell me 🙂 .

Today Clair asked to kiss babies. The girls do this almost daily. They ask where to kiss and I just point at a couple spots on my belly. Today was a bit different though. Clair said she wanted to see in my belly button. I was a little confused. She quick put her hands down on both sides of my stomach and tried to look deep into my belly button. Instantly started to spaz “Why can’t I see them!?! I want to see the babies!!” Holy shit, this is getting out of control. “Grandma Wendy’s belly button is like you. Why is mine not like you?” How do I redirect from this conversation?? Who wants animal crackers?

If you don’t hear from me over the weekend, it’s because I was enjoying an NA beer with bloody mix and some of those pickles I got at the farmers market. If you see me, I won’t be sharing any of those pickles. You are welcome to listen to me chew, and hear the crunchiness for yourself though.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend Everyone!

Mary Kay Doering




Questions or Concerns

Welcome to week 15. This week I pee every 12 minutes. Baby A continues to dance on my bladder/cervix to make me pee. Well, Baby A is either dancing, or Baby B is squishing Baby A down. The last ultrasound I had, Baby B stretched out as far as it could and flattened Baby A. Kind of a selfish little fetus if you ask me. There is only so much room in there, and Baby B is taking up more than enough.

The bleeding has stopped. The discomfort will continue for another few months. It will increase as time goes on. I am ok with that. I told my aunt Kathy, right at the beginning, that I hope I have a long, miserable pregnancy and make it to the end, looking like a blimp. She said she will remember that statement. A tiny bit, I am regretting those words. I was thinking more along the lines of being 30 weeks and starting to feel the pain, but not at 15 and before.

I did get to go camping last weekend. We went to South Dakota. The drive up sucked! I wasn’t sure if I was going to crap my pants, or if my vagina was falling out. Niether of which happened. I just annoyed everyone by my constant changing positions. As long as I am laying down, it’s not too bad.

My kids hated me over our little vacation. Reese refused to give me a hug the entire time we were there. They had grandma, and that’s all that mattered. The evening we got home, we were all best friends again. Hugs and kisses and cuddles. I kind of, sort of, just a little bit, wanted to go back to vacation so no one was touching me. Heck, Clair is hanging on my shoulder right now. It’s amazing how I loved to snuggle and begged my husband for a hug before, and now I don’t want anyone near me. I sat close to him on the couch last night, and he commented that I was breathing too heavy for him. So that’s happening already too.

My boobs though. That’s another whole section to write about. Holy crap! Heavy, large, firm. A mans dream, until I wake up and one of them is deformed from laying on my side. Part flapjack and part ski slope. It’s like a dozer started to tumble down the side of Mount Everest, but left the peak intact. I may have to breast feed for the rest of my life if I want them to stay like I was 22 again.

What are some questions you all have for me? Feel free to leave your questions in the comments. I would like to hear your thoughts. As long as you aren’t one of those people, who knows how to parent better than everyone else, and tells me what will work best for me and my family, I’d love to hear from you.


Mary Kay Doering

Good people

Happy Saturday !

I’m feeling much better today. I got good rest last night. I’m mostly posting today to make an announcement…

Happy happy birthday to my wonderful, amazing, caring dad! I feel pretty crappy that I’m not spending time with with today. He would have taken the time to spend my birthday with me. Just like he takes the time every day to drop off my mail, when he doesn’t have to. I think he still worries I won’t pay my bills on time, since I suck at getting to the post office. The other day when my mom took me to the ER, he volunteered to take my kids. He came over and picked them up. He said “don’t worry girls, we’ll find stuff to do today”. And they did. He made them a late breakfast. The girls ate like horses. He brought them out for lunch. They were so well behaved my for dad, I think I might hire him as daycare grandpa. It’s so cool that my dad, chadleys dad, and our moms are so close and comfortable taking their grandbabies. We are so lucky to have them in our lives.

As for the rest of you, I applaud you as well. I’ve recieved so many thoughts, prayers and offers to help with anything we need. We appreciate it more than you know. Chadley is a little more stubborn about receiving any kind of help. I’m ok with that too. It just proves he’s a hard working man, and he wants to provide everything he can for his family.

We are blessed. We are thankful. We love all your kindness.

Happy 65th Birthday Dad/grandpa


the Doerings

Time for a vacation

Well, it wasn’t a quiet day yesterday like we hoped for. Clair peed the bed again. Luckily, it was her own bed this time. Wouldn’t you know, she did it again today! I don’t understand. No one, including me, has wet the bed in months, and three nights in a row.

I got up yesterday morning and did the first thing I always do. I peed. In the toilet of course. I was disgusted to see that I was full of blood. The day before, at least it was older blood. This time, not so much. It was gross, and I was so sad. I called my mom, because that’s what we do. She brought me to the ER, as I was told to do by my doctor. We had another ultrasound. Babies looked great again. The placenta was still perfect. Everything in my angry uterus was just fine. I went home and rested the remainder of the day. The warm blankets in the ER are really nice, but it’s getting pretty old sitting in a sterile room every day.

Today the girls and I are just putzing around the house. My midwife that I saw during my last pregnancy got wind of my new pregnancy and called me today. It was so good to hear her voice. She always cared so much and knew exactly what to say, and how to treat anything that was wrong. It’s so different working with perinatology, and having a different doctor every time I have an appointment. I know that babies 3 and 4 and I will be taken really good care of. It’s just not the same.

My mother in law brought up that she wanted to go camping this weekend and that we should go with. My husband doesn’t like the idea. He said he is worried about me, and all the time I’ve spent at the hospital. What happens if I need to go back? It’s pretty simple actually. We find a hospital near us and go. I checked the hospitals near the campground, and they are in network. To me, it looks like he doesn’t have anymore excuses to not go. So hunny, I know you will read this, would you please take a half day tomorrow? We are going camping, and I’d like to get there before the mosquitos start biting.



The positive side of things…

Hi everyone,

Today was a tough day. It seemed like it was going to start out great. Usually, every morning, when daddy leaves for work, the girls get in our bed and start fighting. This morning, they got in and snuggled up and fell back asleep. I woke up to Clair screaming “MOMMY!”

I can hear you child, what’s wrong?

“I peed my pants!”

Normally,  I would be pretty upset about this. It’s one thing to pee in your own bed, but not cool to pee in mine. I just said “That’s ok , we needed to wash the sheets anyway”.

We all got up, stripped the bed down and headed down stairs to start the day. Let’s start by brushing our teeth. Hmmmm….The water doesn’t seem to have much pressure. Oh well, brush away. Now let’s take a shower. Yep, definitely no water pressure. Cool! How am I going to wash the pee sheets. Let’s bring them to grandma Penny’s house. She will wash them. So we finished getting ready, we all emptied our tanks (peed) and would you look at that?! Blood! F. Just F.

The day was planned around grocery shopping and paying bills, not going to the doctor. I called Abbott. The phone lines were down. I called Waconia, and they told me to just go to Abbott anyway. I left the kids with grandma and went on my way.

Perinatology was quick to walk me over to the ER where they thought I should be seen. I was put in a room right away, and they had already set me up to get an ultrasound. I waited for a while and the nurse wheeled my bed down to radiology. No matter where you go in Abbott, it’s a long trip through the halls. It brought back a lot of dark memories. The tech did the ultrasound, and it was complete silence. I was nervous, but watched as the little pumpkins bounced around. I waited for their heart rate scan. Both were at 150. So, they are moving around and have good heart rates. That’s another positive for the day. I was wheeled back to my room where I waited for what seemed hours for results. The doctor walked in and gave me a thumbs up. He said the babies looked great and everything looked great. Thank God! It turns out I have a hematoma (bruise) 0n my cervix. Most likely caused from all the crazy sex we have NOT been having. It could very well be the cause of the bleeding though. My placenta is pretty low as well. I honestly don’t even know what that means. It wasn’t over my cervix, just low and they said they would keep an eye on it.

Seriously you guys, this is suppose to be the lamest of all pregnancies. I feel like there is an issue every week. The doctor told me to keep it relaxed for a while. I won’t be working my last shift at the Legion. I shouldn’t be lifting a bunch or exercising. See, another positive. I don’t exercise, so now I don’t have to feel guilty about it. I will be keeping my September 6 appointment at Abbott, and just go from there.

Sorry to disappoint everyone on the funny scale tonight. I know how much you all like a good laugh before bed. The kids just haven’t been very funny the last couple of days, so I figured I’d throw you in a different direction. Maybe tomorrow Reese will crap in her bed and we can all get a good laugh out of that. Goodnight everyone.

Mary Kay Doering

Coconut Water and Animal Crackers

What a fantastic day! Spent the majority of it at my nephews fourth birthday party. The girls were so well behaved. Well, they were until we wanted to leave.

There were so many kids there. It gave me a small glimpse of our future. I might as well start an in home daycare. Any volunteers on helping out with this? And by volunteers, I mean, you won’t be getting paid.

I will be working my last shift at the Legion on Wednesday. My back and hips just can’t handle it anymore. It sucks, because I really enjoy getting out of the house and away from the kids for a while. The extra cash is always nice too. Which reminds me, you can help me make some extra cash. It’s pretty easy actually. When you read this blog, all you have to do is click on the advertisements at the bottom, or anywhere they appear on the page. You don’t have to buy anything, just click on them. The more people who follow my blog, leave likes and comments, the more advertisers I get. Every time someone clicks on an add,  I get  something like a half a penny. So, if you share my blog with friends on Facebook, through email, or just word of mouth, you are helping me out.

Tonight has been interesting in this house. Comical actually. Kids play and pretend and come up with some funny situations. Clair is holding a book like a serving tray and walking around offering everyone coconut water. I asked her to repeat herself, because what kid pretends to make and serve coconut water? We sure as hell don’t drink it. I’m blaming this one on grandma Wendy. Chadley and I have had enough coconut water tonight and would like it to stop.

Meanwhile, Reese is picking her nose and tells me “Mommy, I want this out”. I said “What? A booger?” She just kept digging.

For goodness sake Reese. What on earth did you put in your nose?!?!? She points at the giant tub of animal crackers. Sure enough, I see the ass of a horse shoved all the way up there. I’m already laughing uncontrollably. Every parent deals with a kid getting something stuck in their nose. I tried having her blow it out. She of course inhaled more. I covered the other nostril and blew into her mouth ( I heard about that somewhere). It didn’t do the trick. It was way too far up for a tweezers. I told Chadley, I think we have to bring her in. He was not about to waste the rest of his Sunday evening at the ER again. He comes back with an oversized rubber straw from our friends cocktail cup, she forgot at our house (sorry, Jessica). Now what in the hell are you planning on doing here? Reese laid back with the most concerned look on her face. Daddy is coming to the rescue again! He was sucking on that straw so hard, he was shaking. After the third attempt, that horses ass shot right in to the hangy ball in the back of his throat. Instant gagging. Drool flying out of his mouth. Running to the bathroom and pukes his guts out. At this point, I’m pretty sure I peed my pants. I’m laughing so hard at the entire situation it hurts. Clair is still serving coconut water. Reese has the look of terror on her face. Dad is still puking. He comes back and asks “Did I get it out?” I didn’t have the nerve, but I wanted to tell him No.

Now everyone is sitting on the couch eating Daddies favorite ice cream, with nuts in it, as I type this out. I’m still laughing. I have to change my undies, and I really just want to go to bed. Till next time.

Mary Kay Doering


Sometimes we make bad choices…


Look at those beautiful girls. So proud to be big sisters. We were excited to share the news, but not as early as the girls planned.

The morning I peed on a stick, the girls asked “what’s that Mommy?”

I said “girls, that means mommy has a baby in her tummy”

Bad choice number 1. Don’t tell a three year old you’re pregnant. It took me about four days to tell Chadley.  He was stressed out with bailing hay all week, I didn’t want to bother him. The night I decided to tell him, I made him quite the dinner. I had baby back ribs, with sweet baby rays BBQ sauce. Baby red potatoes, baby bella mushrooms. Hell, I even had  baby corn. Who makes baby corn?!?! Unfortunately, the guys with the hay hadn’t finished up yet. So dinner plans had to change last minute. Chadley’s mom and I ended up making burgers for everyone. I kept thinking about how on earth I was going to tell him now.

When we went to bed that night I explained that I made a big special supper for him. I named off all the things I made. His reply “so now all that food is going to go to waste in the fridge!”

I said “You got nothing out of that did you? Sweet BABY ray, BABY corn!”

He closed his eyes took a deep breathe, and about 45 seconds later said “You’re pregnant”


He needed a moment of silence. I laughed. I couldn’t keep a straight face. I was over the moon excited. For him, he just imagined no sleep and a crying baby. I don’t blame him. Even though we tried, just that once, it is kind of bad timing. We are in the process of building a house, and we haven’t broke ground yet. Let’s just say it will be a forever memorable Memorial Day Weekend.

It didn’t take but the next day for the world to know. My folks stopped out at our camper and the first thing Reese says is “Mommy has a baby in her tummy”. So now one set of grandparents know. 20 minutes later, Grandpa Chad shows up. Clair tells grandpa the same thing. Now the other grandparents know. Might as well send out a mass text to the rest of the family.

Then we decided to do a formal announcement. Bad choice number 2. See above  photo. Don’t say things, unless you have facts.

We thought this photo idea (compliments of K Mills photography) , was a great and funny idea. Of course we didn’t think we would have twins again. It’s a 1 in 70,000 chance of that happening back to back. God has a funny sense of humor. So many people have said to play the lottery. I disagree. The odds were totally against us this time. I got up to pee 4 times last night. I bet if I was pregnant with only one, I would have only gotten up twice.

I could go on, but the girls are arguing with me why my buttons on my shirt aren’t buttoned up. Toddlers… Bad choice number 3. Not choosing boarding school at an early age.

Mary Kay Doering

Always a problem…

Sorry I didn’t update anything yesterday. It was a tough day. It sarted off great. Grandma Penny and Grandpa Duane took the girls and I to a pork chop feed. I wasn’t feeling the best. I had a pain in my side since the day before. After a pit stop to see the inside of a corn field, and a gas station visit, I went home to rest and scratch mosquito bites on my rear end. My side pain was getting increasingly worse. I called the on call OB and they told me to go to the ER. Since it was so hot outside, I knew my husband didn’t really want to go fishing with his buddy. So, I called him to take me in. I could tell he was relieved he didn’t have to sit on the water in the hot sun.

The ER was of course packed. Kids screaming, families eating McDonald’s and hanging out like there was a reunion. I even listened to one lady complain about how others should not be at the ER, and should have gone to a clinic or urgent care. The little boy crying with the contusion on his head, who wouldn’t stop bleeding, clearly didn’t need to be there. I never did figure out why she was waiting to be seen. She clearly spoke and walked fine, and had no problem slopping extra ketchup on her French fries. Maybe it was an emergency with her attitude. Anyways, enough with being bitter. I ended up getting McDonald’s on my way home too.

I got checked in. Had a low grade fever, peed in a cup, had blood drawn. The typical ER routine. Everything came back pretty normal. White count was a little high, but that seems to be every time I have blood drawn. The main concern was that I didn’t have an appendicitis. I didn’t think it was one, since I have had this pain in the past. No one has ever figured it out. This time the pain was causing low back pain and some pelvic pain as well. They did an MRI. Everything looked normal. My right ureter was a little different. So a small chance of a kidney stone. Appendix is fine, no UTI. No sign of infection. Just a pain in the side.

My husband says he thinks I was just being a baby so he couldn’t go fishing. Because every girls dream is to have a date night at the ER.

Today my side still hurts. The kids stayed with grandma and were great until I picked them up this morning. It’s a pizza night tonight. I think I’ll even get delivery. I don’t feel like turning on the oven, or opening the freezer.

The babies are great though. Had a really quick ultrasound to make sure there was nothing wrong. Chadley got to see them for the first time. He still had doubts there were two in there. They flipped around and flailed their little arms and legs. It’s fun to watch. It makes every pain worth it.

Mary Kay Doering

First blog post

Welcome to my blog. Never in my life did I think I would be writing a blog. In fact, I just recently discovered what a blog actually is. Due to lives recent events, many friends have been recommending I start this. This is going to benefit my family and I, as well as everyone, who like most of us, are nosey.

For those of you who are new to the Doering crew, I will give you a quick background.

In 2013 I gave birth to identical twin girls, Clair and Reese. I spent 5 weeks in the hospital, prior to giving birth. At only 28 weeks gestation, they came into the world in a heck of a hurry. To put it lightly, it was hell. Yes, I know things could have been much worse. But to us, at he time, it was the worst we had ever been through. The girls are almost 3 1/2. They are thriving, and above and beyond their corrected age. They just had their NICU follow up at Children’s in Minneapolis. Their test scores were fantastic. We couldn’t be more proud.

A lot of people followed a Caring Bridge page for the twins. We are going to be doing things a little different this time. By this time, I mean, we are expecting more identical twins. For family and friends who did not know this, yes, another set of twins are growing in my angry uterus. We were so excited to have a singleton. Just one baby to hold, to feed, to change and bathe. I was so demanding we have another baby, because I wanted to be selfish and experience what it’s like with just one. Well, that dream went down the crapper. We are having two more, and we couldn’t be more blessed, or terrified.

I didn’t laugh this time when I found out there was two. I cried. I cried a lot. I even yelled at the ultrasound tech to “take it back!”

I gave myself a day to be angry about my selfishness, but now we are just scared. We are so scared of a repeat of last time, or even worse. It’s been a really rough start with all day every day morning sickness, extreme fatigue, back pain and lightheadedness. You know, typical pregnancy complaints. But I get to complain, because I’m pregnant, and that’s one of the joys of pregnancy. So let me enjoy this, because it’s my last time.

Anyways, the point in this blog is to keep the world updated on everything that is going on. Working in a small town, everyone wants to know every detail. As much as I love to talk about it, it’s difficult repeating myself, and it drives my husband crazy. So please don’t be offended if I refer you to the blog for any extra questions. I don’t have a clue how this blog works, so bare with me. It took me 45 minutes to figure out how to change the background, and I still don’t like it. I will make a post about appointments, and anything else that pops in my head as we go. Feel free to comment and ask questions. You can follow this blog by clicking somewhere on the right side. There is a little widget to click. Check in often for updates. I will get more information about the pregnancy out in my next post.


Every day should be a cookie day.

You know how I talked a little about how I don’t get sad seeing the girls grow up? I didn’t cry when I put them on the bus for the first time. I wasn’t sad or emotional at kindergarten round up. Looking back at their baby pictures, I mostly think “wow, that was a lot of work”. I also said there will come a time when I do get emotional about them growing up. I knew it had to happen some day, for some reason. Well, folks it finally happened.

Reese lost a damn tooth.

Of all the things I could be teary eyed and overcome with sadness about. It’s a tooth. Those cute little jagged, razor sharp baby teeth are going to fall out, one at a time. The “tooth fairy” is expected to remember that gross piece of a calcified meat chomper is sitting snuggly under her pillow. Then to fork out $600, because quarters aren’t excepted like they were 30 years ago. I knew I should start a savings account or a college fund for my kids, but how do I support 26 teeth on 4 kids at $40 bucks a pop?

People are also telling me they save the baby teeth!? Why the hell are you doing that? Let’s just get a jar full of teeth, and hope no one finds it, so you don’t end up on the news. It puts the mouth wash on the teeth or it gets the floss again…

Teeth are gross. Rooted little bone chips, full of bacteria and lord knows what else that 5 year old had in her mouth. “Mom watch it wiggle”….mom gives her praise as she fake smiles and goes to the other room to vomit. Do you think it’s cool to watch a broken tibia bust through your kids leg and watch it wiggle back and forth? No, so why would this be cute? 🤮

Now I get to watch my daughters go through that ugly stage where they have a mouth only half full of teeth and complain they aren’t able to eat corn on the cob the way they used to. Then it goes right into the really ugly stage where their two front buck teeth take over their entire face. I’m not too worried about it. At least it will give us something to look back at and laugh about.

So maybe it’s not so much about them growing up that is pulling at my heart strings. Maybe it is just a stage I didn’t prepare myself for mentally. There’s a lot of stages like that having kids…

Like this one

It’s called “I like to remove my diaper after a huge shit”

Tripp could have at least warned me. There were no cry’s. Just the most precious baby coos to let me know he was awake. I opened the door and the heated woft of horror and disease filled my nostrils. I could taste it. Burritos and cheese sauce. My gag reflux kicked in as I carried Tripp with my arms stretched out to the bath. Little nubbin turds quickly became toys for him to chase as they swirled in the current.

I finally got him clean enough for me to now jump in the shower. I asked the girls to watch the boys carefully. After about 3 minutes of scrubbing bubbles, I poked my head out to find the girls on the couch in front of the tv…

And this…

Like dogs. Always thrashing through the garbage. We have gone through too many locks to count. Blobs of old food splatted on the freshly cleaned floor. The girls said the mess was too much, so they decided to watch cartoons instead.

Why can’t every day be a sweet day like this one. 3 out of 4 napping, and number four just sits on the couch all cute and eats a cookie with mom.

These days are rare. I think that’s why we get sad about the kids growing up. It’s definitely not the messes and mass amount of poop everywhere, all the other gross shit like teeth, or the fighting and tattling. Those things are so stressful, and make parenting super hard. I want to remember the fun and cute times. I want every day to be a cookie day.


Release the Chickens

Last night was my first attempt at taking bottles away. The boys are plenty old enough to not need them. It’s a complete comfort thing for them (and me), and it’s getting annoying and messy. Milk gets spilt all over the house and in their beds. Bottles are found with cottage cheese in them in the car, diaper bag and underneath the stroller. I’m sick of washing them, finding them and running out of them. It’s been such a piece of cake to give them a bottle at nap or bedtime and lay them down. They usually just go right to sleep. They still wake up in the middle of the night and want one too. If you’ve seen my boys, or better yet, tried to carry one around, you would know, they don’t need the extra calories.

Well, since Chadley wasn’t home yet, I figured I would start them off with a sippy cup of water before bed and they only screamed for a few minutes. They both woke up around 2am, and I unfortunately forgot about the new no bottle rule. I gave them a bottle and they went right to sleep. Oops. So today, we are collecting all the mystery milk bottles and I’m going to just get rid of them. Out of site, out of mind. I wish it was that easy. I just put them down for a morning nap and they are pretty pissed off. There might actually be holes in the sheet rock. Those tiny little fists are powerful. Wish us luck!

Here’s a little story of what happened yesterday afternoon.

The girls were still at school and I had just put the boys down for a nap (with a bottle 😉). I heard the dog barking, which is a sign that someone is here. I saw an unfamiliar blue car parked by the garage. Instead of having this person knock and wake up the boys, I greeted him in the garage. The doors were wide open, so it was obvious someone was home. He introduced himself and had some folders and such with him. He said “do you have a moment to talk about cancer?”

Sure! I thought maybe he was with a research program or something asking for donations. I was willing to hear him out because, well, fuck cancer.

His little speech was supposed to take 5-7 minutes. It was all about statistics of how many people will get cancer or have a heart attack and so on and so on. About 1/2 way through I was realizing he was trying to sell me something, but so far no mention of what that was.

After a bit I realized it was for supplemental insurance. Catastrophic insurance. Sort of like Aflac, where they pay you if you get in an accident.

We had an insurance like this once and didn’t really like the plan, so after a couple years we dropped it. We have always talked about getting something else, so I was actually interested in what this guy had to say.

His delivery of his information started out ok and made sense. The next part is where he lost me. He closed his folder and started to say “if you’d like our insurance we need a yes or no answer today. None of this maybe, I’ll talk to my husband stuff. Time is valuable. I don’t want to go through my demo with you unless you’re going to say yes”

Ummmm…..huh? Now, he said all this shit without me even mentioning my husband. He also said it only takes about 3 minutes to go through the brochure info, which has the rates (which he kept stating were very low, but would not give me numbers). This 5-7 minute speech has already taken 20 minutes. I went from, let’s take a look to, get the F out. Being the person that I am, I was still kind and understanding of his techniques as a sales man.

I looked at the guy with scrunched eyebrows and turned my head sideways. The standard look for questioning someone if they are ok in the head,without actually asking.

I told him that I don’t ever make these kinds of decisions without my husband, but I grabbed a pen and paper and let him know I’d like the rates so we can discuss it.

Nope. Not going to happen. Now he wants my husband present to go through the rates so he can relay the information so I don’t screw up the delivery on it.

“Yeah, so my husband is a busy man. He’s not one to sit down and have these meetings. Thanks though.”

I stood up and started walking towards the door. This guy didn’t stand up. He sat there. He kept telling me that waiting is a bad choice. I’m more likely to get cancer between now and me discussing this with my husband. Maybe, but I still won’t make any decisions to spend money on insurance from a company I’ve never heard of before with rates you won’t even tell me.

At this point I’m super annoyed and want him gone. I say “this doesn’t sound like it’s for us, thank you, have a good day”. He gives me his card and a few more lines of bullshit to buy his product. He wants my info to call me in a few days after I talk to my husband. “How about I call you if I ever talk to my husband.”

He walks through the garage and back to his car. I go inside, shut the door and am thankful that is over. I understand he is just doing his job and trying to make a living. He just went about it all wrong.

The windows are open so I hear someone walking enough the rocks outside again. Shortly after, there’s a knock at the door. It’s the guy again. He never left. He’s back for more. I feel like I’m in a foreign 3rd world country making a deal at a little shop for some knick knacks I don’t want to pay full price for. He pulled the classic, walk away, and they will beg you to come back move.

“Let’s talk about this. I just don’t feel right leaving here without you knowing more information. Would you feel better if I went over the brochure with you and we could get your husband on the phone?”

“No, I’m no longer interested”

As I was about to close the door and he walked away, he came back in the garage.

“You have my card, please do me a favor and refer me to your friends and family. Let them know…”

I cut him off. I just said “ok, bye now”

He went back to his car and sat there. It was probably another 10 minutes. Just as I was about to call someone to get him out of here, the Schwans man pulled up and the guy finally left. I made the Schwans man hang out with me for a bit to make sure the guy was long gone. I googled his information and it was an actual company, but it was a direct sales company. They don’t do advertising. It’s 100% commission. Nothing wrong with direct sales. His method just sucked. I wish him all the best, but if he comes back here, I’m going to release the chickens on him. Those bastards will scare anyone away.

Relax time

What a beautiful weekend!

I sent the kids off for the entire weekend so I could work and Chadley could farm. I’m extremely grateful for the help from friends and family.

When I got everyone home and all their belongings unloaded from the car, I realized how exhausted I was. Luckily, they were all tired too, so it was a night of early bedtimes.

I’m hungry and super lazy. I’d order pizza, but I don’t even want to deal with answering the door in 35-40 minutes.

Chadley is still farming. I typically don’t see him or talk to him for weeks on end at this time of the year. I know I’ve talked about this in the past, but it’s kind of nice. It’s like dating again. We get a chance to miss each other. Then, when it’s all over, we like to have a little date night. Nice dinner, maybe a casino night. Probably just talk about it and not actually do it. It’s exhausting and expensive to have a date.

1. Babysitter.

2. Food

3. Drinks

4. Pulltabs or slot machine (why not have a little extra fun and take chances)

5. Snacks…because we had drinks and now we have the munch.

6. The cost of all the extra stuff you just HAD to have because it was a special day, and why not splurge.

You get the point.

I did tell Chadley the other day we need to have a nice date after field work is over though. Sometimes you just have to take the time and spend the money. I love my kids, and I love my job, but sometimes we just need to be away from it all, and be together, just us.

It’s too quiet in here. It’s also getting dark. I liked the idea of some relax time, but this is kind of lame.

That pizza idea is starting to sound more tempting now.

We will have to chat later…


Share your story here

Share your story here…

That’s exactly what my website tells me to do before I start typing. For how long I’ve had my .com, I don’t think I ever really read what the faded grey letters said. As I stared at it for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out what to write about, it all of a sudden stood out to me. “Share your story here”.

I’ve been sharing my story for quite some time. A lot of you have gotten to know my family and I, and plenty of us have never met in real life. I’ve always been very blunt and up front about my story. I share the way people talk to me and my kids. Some hideous acts people have done. Some amazing gestures people have made. Some laughable moments and some down right angry occurrences.

Have you noticed I don’t write much anymore? It’s funny because I keep telling people I don’t have time. That’s not true. I have moments here and there. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and you find time for your passions in life. I have nothing to write about. I don’t have any stories to share. I’m sure I do, but I feel that since I started bartending again, I can actually talk to real life people, and I’m finding how often these real life people are constantly judging or being judged. The confidence and don’t give a shit attitude changes overtime.

Have you guys been out there lately? You know, like in public, where you have to talk to actual people? It’s frickin terrifying. Everyone has something to say, even when no one else is listening. Some people talk to themselves. Some people talk over others. Some praise one another and some cut others down. It gets a little stressful when you hear a lot of negativity. In my line of work, that’s inevitable. I’ve learned pretty quickly to not let others troubles get me down, but it’s easier said than done. There’s always a negative to a positive. Always 3 sides to a story. Always a problem to a solution. It depends on who your talking to, whose actually listening and the tone of voice it’s delivered in.

I don’t want to talk about the assholes. That’s a waste of energy. I do want to recognize the good people out there though. Our little community is incredible. I have witnessed some top notch people volunteer a lot of their time, money and resources into our lovely town. More times than not, these people expect nothing in return and are always looking for the best in people, even the best in the assholes. It’s not easy getting shit on for your hard work and serious efforts, but there are still some hero’s out there that put all their strength into their passion of helping others. I won’t call out people by name to embarrass them. They probably don’t even know who they are, because genuinely good people don’t gloat either.

So for everyone else, here’s this weeks homework. Go out of your way to thank someone in the community for all their hard work and dedication. I’d do it too, but I’m one of the assholes 😆

Waiving Goodbye

Look at these two. Isn’t it sweet how cuddly they are? Sharing the same little snow queen blanket and watching a really shitty cartoon together. Well, these two suck in the morning.

Almost every morning they get up super early to wait for their dad to leave for work. He will usually make them a fancy bowl of cereal, with all the ingredients left out for me to put away. When something doesn’t go their way, they argue and start freaking out about non sense. In their little head, it means the world, and in my big head, it’s just the color of a spoon and it won’t make the cereal taste any different.

I have made it a rule now for my husband to shut the bedroom door in the morning so

1. I don’t have to hear it


2. They don’t wake up the little guys.

Well, this morning I woke up at 6:30 to blood curdling screams and painful cries. I thought someone fell out a window. Nope…they didn’t get to wave to Dad when he left. ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING ME!?! This waving thing has gotten out of hand. They have to waive goodbye to everyone, and if they don’t get to, the sky comes crashing down and destroying their castle.

I don’t know if they fell asleep or went to the bathroom, or what the situation was that they didn’t waive this morning, but it got me up really quick. It woke up the boys too. It wasn’t the happiest of mornings in our house today. We all got over it pretty quick though.

We had a nice burst of warm air for about 6 hours on Monday. Enough to dry out some puddles and let me open windows and the garage doors. I’ve been hearing the birds chirp in the morning for a while now, but finally they are singing happy songs rather than “feeeeeeeed me, we are starving and cold”. I didn’t feed them. I don’t have bird seed or any extra worms laying around. Sounds like they survived.

I can’t wait to be able to be outside all summer. These kids need to run around and get worn out from the fresh air. It was a tiny bit chilly yesterday and we still spent the majority of the day in the garage with the doors open. Clair learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels last year. Over the winter, Reese learned how in the garage going in circles. Now they go up and down the driveway and around the yard like Speedy Gonzalez. I love the bit of independence they have knowing how to do certain things on their own. When they are busy, they don’t ask so many questions.

I just want to let you all know, I got some new coffee and it’s much better. I can tolerate life again now.

Field Trip

My girls go to pre school 3 days a week. For those 4 hours they are gone, life becomes a bit less hectic. There’s no arguing or time outs. I don’t have someone constantly asking the same questions over and over. Their teachers get to deal with that (and they are saints for doing it).

Yesterday was their first class field trip. I was excited for them, but not so much for me. The permission slip also included a spot for which parent or close relative was going to be joining them. My husband can’t just take off work, so obviously I’m going to go. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and I really enjoy spending time with them. Especially when it’s for something exciting. I don’t always want to be the bad guy who makes them follow the rules and clean up after themselves.

An hour bus ride to he childrens museum sounded awful though. As many of you know, my intestines hate me and will force me to sweat and be in pain suddenly out of no where, mostly when I’m not able to get to a restroom.

Want to go fishing? Well, now that you’re in a boat with your husband, father in law and grandpa, you’re going to need to poop now. Like right NOW!

Want to go on vacation to the Dominican and go snorkeling and drive speed boats? Great! I’m going to need you to squeeze your cheeks here in the clear blue ocean. Good choice on the white swimsuit by the way.

So yeah, let’s hop on a bus with 100 kids and their parents and go to a museum!

The day prior to the field trip, anxiety was in full force. I had everything ready and packed. Cooler full of of garbage lunchables and fizzy flavored waters and extra snacks. I didn’t dare have a cup of coffee that morning. So now I had no caffeine. Typically I get at least 30 minutes to sit with my coffee and get everything moving properly. (Don’t act like this is gross, we all do it). We had to leave so early though, so nothing was normal.

Oddly enough, I felt fine the entire ride there. Other than wanting a nap in the worst way and constantly telling the girls to quit fighting over who was squishing who. Thanks for picking the very front seat so everyone on the bus could see me in the rear view mirror.

All the kids seemed to be really well behaved. I was impressed. I expected so much running and jumping and screaming and pushing, but none of that happened. Not that I noticed anyway. Most days I can’t tolerate the noise. I hate obnoxious tapping and whiny voices and rude behavior.

The Children’s Museum in Mankato is pretty dang cool though. I highly recommend it. It was clean and organized. There was so much for the kids to do, they didn’t even try everything.

At the end I asked the girls to get to the restroom before we load the bus. Reese goes in the stall with Clair but then comes out and announces to everyone that Clair has to go poop and potty. Ok, no big deal. Still normal.

The amount of time it took her to poop was long enough to make me sweat. We were the last ones. All 3 buses were waiting, packed full of pre schoolers and their adults. Usually this is me. I’m holding everyone up because my guts hate me. This time it was my daughter. Luckily, she’s too young to care or understand.

We napped on the ride home. I was shot. Tired and uncomfortable. The girls were too. They are lucky they are still so little and flexible. It’s not easy to sleep on a bus. My neck is still paying for it today.

It’s been a long week already and the weekend is just beginning. I will be at the Legion all weekend. Tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday. I’ve decided to treat myself to a nice steak at work tonight. If you want to join me, get your steak order in by noon. 320-327-2404 (menu is on the Silver Lake Legion Post 141 Facebook page I believe). You can just leave a message with what you want and your name and number. Sandy will get it ordered for you. Since it might actually get nice outside, we stop doing steak frys for the summer months. Our last one will be May 11.

The weather is feeling a bit nicer, but it’s still wet out there. I think the best thing to do is get out of the house and get to the bar. Dim bar lights and alcohol are great cures for….

well, I will be there anyway.

Have a great weekend everyone. Don’t forget to get your colonoscopies and mammograms. Also, turn your head and cough.

The boys got some new boat shoes. Look how cute they are with their brown corduroys.


How was everyone’s April 2018 Blizzard weekend?

A huge thank you to all the CNA’s,nurses, doctors, EMT’s, paramedics, firefighters and bartenders who made it to your jobs to serve people.

What an insane weekend. Friday night the roads were pretty shitty. I of course parked at work so my windshield was covered in ice. We started closing the bar down at about 9 Friday night. It was pretty slow and I had a big day ahead of me. Little did I know, there would be people in parkas in the street knocking on the windows to get in for a pitcher of Captain Cokes. We had some seriously good laughs and then I kicked everyone out at 1 am.

Saturday was a shit show. Other than an insane amount of snow I can’t even tell you what went on. It involved a bus, an irresponsible amount of beer, and a bunch of ham and turkey sandwiches with mustard on the side. It will be a never forgotten blizzard memory. Well, the parts that some of us still remember.

I was pretty excited to still work on Sunday, but the doors were snowed in, so we stayed closed.We had a great day of snacks and naps.

The girls didn’t have pre school yesterday so I sent them outside to play. The boys watched through the window. I think everyone enjoyed it.

We finished off the evening with a family trip to the grocery store and BOGO burritos from Qdoba. I may or may not be paying for the burrito intake. What comes after Taco Tuesdays? ….Wet Fart Wednesday.

The more and more we want the Spring to come, the further away it seems. The great part is, we are still doing our best to keep ourselves entertained. It’s so important to spend time with friends and family and make the best out of what may be a shitty situation.

It really sucks that we didn’t get to have a meat raffle on Sunday. You know what’s supper fricken cool though? WE ARE HAVING ONE TONIGHT!!!! Not only are we having our regularly scheduled Tuesday night BARGO at 6 pm. We will also have the meat raffle with it. I love nights like these. So much excitement. I really hope to see everyone at the Legion tonight. Also, I work Friday and Saturday night too!!!! We know how to have a good time. If you don’t, I will show you the way!

Also, this happened


Ya know how good it feels to have a great cup of coffee? Most of us here make a pot or two of coffee every morning. Some drink it all day. There’s something satisfying about a hot cup of bean water.

Lately the bean water in our house has tasted more like gravel water. I was getting sick of the Maxwell House brand. Foldgers has never been our thing. Pinching pennies at Aldi a couple weeks ago, I decided to go with their brand. It was something awful. Tasted like shit you get at funerals. I went to Cashwise and bought some of the fancy beans in the fancy bean dispenser and put it through the fancy bean grinder. For $9 and about a week, we had some excellent coffee. We are a dark (French) roast type of couple. We like it black. I don’t need the foofie sugars and creams and Carmel’s unless I go to a spendy coffee shop. If I’m going to pay $8 for a Vente soy double hard core asswhoopin with an extra spin on life latte, I’m going to enjoy every single calorie, because it is only $6 for the small black house blend. Anyway, we ran out of the fancy shit and he started making the Aldi garbage. I went to Walmart and still tried to save pennies and bought the Food Club brand. My mind said, “it says French Roast, so it’s probably good”. Well well well! What do you know? I made a fresh pot of the food club brand this morning. Let me describe it for you…

When I first opened the container I got that satisfying “kuusssshhhh” sound. I waited for the deep aroma to hit my senses. Nothing. It smelled as if I just opened a jar of raw poppyseed. That’s ok. Maybe my nose is just full of crusty boogers from sleeping and I can’t smell.

I brewed the pot while I got the kids their 2nd breakfast of the day. Meat. They love their meat.

When the brew process was complete I poured the hot coffee into my favorite blue glass mug. Being it was so gloomy and gross outside, I left the lights off and just thought we could enjoy a cuddle morning and not accomplish anything. I waited for my cup to cool enough not to burn my tastebuds off.

That first sip was as dreadful as the last. This is officially worse than the Aldi coffee and I may have some Scotch just to get the taste out of my mouth. The first taste is like plain warm water. If you chance inhaling through your nose, your receive a putrid scent of chemical awareness class. Sulfer and maybe drano. If you’re lucky enough to not pass out, the water taste turns into burnt tire rubber with a hint of kerosene. It’s delicious. No Italian cream or Caramel Machiotto could hinder the taste of death that is in this cup. I’m sure I ruined my next 3-5 meals. Coffee normally has a diarrhea effect on most people. In this case, I think you can forget about ever pooping again. This black bean salad may or may not have perforated my bowel and I’m shitting on my insides from here forward.

Ain’t nothin wrong with a good breakfast Scotch…


Sure, my kids can be cute and sweet. A lot of people really think they are just angels. They have their moments like every other kid obviously where it’s holy terror, but they are pretty good kids. Let me tell you about these “perfect pictures” though.

I hear a lot of “my goodness your kids are photogenic” and “they take such amazing pictures all the time”.

Let me show you a few AMAZING pictures.

These two were taken this evening. The girls asked for me to get a picture of them helping their brothers. They like to be rewarded and told they are cute too. It happens more often than not, that people ooooo and awww over the boys and the girls don’t get the attention they used to. It’s inevitable. People just really like babies more than 5 year olds. So they take every moment they can to get some attention. This is how perfect my kids are in pictures.

Remember that really great picture from Easter with their striking blue eyes and beautiful smiles

These aren’t edited. They are dark and I couldn’t get both boys to look at the camera. What’s great about them though, is it is reality. When I go back and look at older pictures, I have more fun looking at the candid shots. I don’t want to force memories with these kids, I want real raw and un cut memories.

As for you guys though, I’ll stick to showing you the fake pictures, because it’s the internet and I can pretend anything I want to on the internet. 😉

Happy hump day

I’ve been wanting to write for quite some time. I open up my wordpress app and stare at it. I have had a ton to write about, but not sure I really want to actually put pen to paper so to speak. Life has been exhausting lately, so writing about it takes a bit more energy than I have available. So I’ll talk about nonsense.

Remember last spring we got a black bunny and the girls named it Vanillica? Well, the girls (me actually) are wondering if it’s a boy or girl. Wouldn’t it be fun to get another one and have baby bunnies!? You know the term “f*%# like rabbits”? Well, I’m sure it wouldn’t take long to make babies and create a little bunny farm. I love the idea. I know the kids love the idea. My husband won’t tell me if it’s a boy or girl, so I can only assume he knows what my idea is and he is not cool with it. I may have to do some investigating.

Our Easter was great. We just tried our best to relax. We even let the boys eat some candy. I worked Saturday night, so Chadley was in charge of making sure the Easter bunny did its job. Unfortunately, he also forgot the plastic eggs in the trunk of the car that I took to work. So at 1am I got to fill and hide eggs. I didn’t understand why all of a sudden we needed to do an egg hunt at our house when we went to one on Saturday, there would be one after church and also at my folks. It was fun for him though. I’m just constantly picking up empty plastic eggs and foil candy wrappers.

Now I’m thinking about the left over prime rib in the fridge from Easter. So I’m going to have a slab for breakfast.

Enjoy your hump day. I’ll see you at the Legion tonight.